PCMI Team Collaboration

Collaboration with the Precision Cancer Medicine Initiative (PCMI)

BRPC also benefits from collaboration with the Department of Pathology’s Precision Cancer Medicine Initiative Team.  This team, co-led by BRPC’s Director Dr. McCall and the Associate Vice President for DukeHealth Clinical Laboratories Dr. Michael Datto, harnesses the power of pathology data to support cutting edge clinical and translational cancer research.  This is done through support of the Duke Frameshift Molecular Registry of Tumors (Frameshift MRT) software, support of the Duke Molecular Tumor Board program.  The team also supports Duke’s participation in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)’s Genomics Evidence Neoplasia Information Exchange (GENIE) project. 


There is significant overlap in the data work of the BRPC and the PCMI teams.  For this reason, the BRPC and PCMI teams regularly collaborate to optimize the clinical and pathologic annotation of biospecimens made available to researchers through BRPC/CHTN. 


More information about this team can be found here.


Dr. McCall
Shannon J. McCall, MD

Director BRPC
DUMC 3712
Durham, NC 27710
Office: 919-684-2531
Micheal Datto
Micheal Datto, MD PhD

Associate Vice President for Clinical Laboratories DUHS
DUMC 3712
Durham, NC 27710
Office: 919-684-6965
John Strickler
John Strickler, MD

Director, Solid Tumor Molecular
Tumor Board
DUMC 2823
Durham, NC 27710
Office: (919)681-1904
Ben Neely
Ben Neely

Biostatistician Senior
DUMC 3712
Durham, NC 27710
Office: (919)681-5009
Chris Hubbard
Chris Hubbard

Clinical Informatics Architect
DUMC Box 3712
Durham, NC 27719
Office: (919)684-4869