Clinical Trial Support

BRPC supports clinical trials by collecting fresh biospecimens, providing research protocol support, releasing preexisting biospecimens from our bank, and accessing archival tissue samples for use in clinical trials.

Please submit a form to access or services or send inquiries to
Clinical Trials

Pathology Request for Fresh Tissue Release

To request fresh research tissue from a consented patient’s surgery, please complete the form and email to  Please note there is a fee associated with these requests.

BRPC Request for Protocol Support

To request continuous BRPC services for a protocol, please complete the form and email to

BRPC Request for Samples or Data

To request existing BRPC samples or associated data, please complete this form and email to

Clinical Trials Archival Tissue Request

To request archival paraffin materials for a patient enrolled in a clinical trial, please complete this form, and send with the patient’s signed consent form to

Clinical Trials Support FAQs

No. BRPC consents participants to our main biobanking protocol and releases samples to investigators with approved IRB protocols that specifically mention BRPC as a resource for samples and/or data.

Yes. BRPC adds Duke staff to our protocol after performing a consent training and collecting necessary documentation for the IRB. This allows study teams to use their own staff for consenting patients, while using BRPC to collect samples.

BRPC staff can collect samples for research studies without being added to a specific study in the IRB. The BRPC main consent can be used for sample collection depending on the investigator's approved IRB protocol and the consent method that has been approved. However, the study team may consent the patient to the study-specific protocol, and the approved BRPC biobanking protocol does not need to be used at all.