Frequently Asked Questions

Services can be requested by emailing or Please see the list of the types of services BRPC can offer, if your project includes includes more than just histology services please select the project type as listed on this page.

Turnaround time varies depending on the project, specific services requested, and the number of samples involved in the project. Please submit your requests using the online form as this will allow staff to more quickly asses the workload and provide an estimate on project completion date.

Yes – please clearly state on your request form that you have provided your own and label the containers to make sure they are used and returned to you.

Yes – please clearly state on your request form that you would like them returned and label the containers to make sure they are returned to you. If we do not have an indication that your container should be saved, it may be disposed of.

Yes – we can only ensure your samples are both returned to you and handled per your specifications if we can match them with a list. Providing a typed list also ensures the lab can accurately label any slides, as handwriting on blocks often smears during processing.

No – our lab is open daily from 9:30-11AM and 3-4:30PM. Please feel free to stop in during these hours and someone will be available to assist you. Staff may be working in other lab spaces outside of these times, so please contact us if you need to make other arrangements.

Ask staff about current turnaround time (this depends on project size, complexity, current staffing, and other pending projects) – a rush may not be necessary for the project to be completed by your deadline.

We used charged slides manufactured by Cancer Diagnostics for the majority of our output. We also stock FisherBrand SuperFrost (recommended for IHC work), Cancer Diagnostics uncharged, and FisherBrand ProbeOn Plus slides, which can also be used upon request. If you have your own slides that you would like the lab to use, those may be provided during project drop off.

Our molecular precautions procedure requires our technicians to spray down all equipment and tools with an RNAse inhibiting spray, use molecular grade bottled water in waterbaths, wear gloves, and change microtome blades between individual samples. We always use this procedure when alerted that samples will be used for RNA extraction, and strongly encourage it for DNA extraction as well. This procedure is not necessary for standard staining or immunohistochemistry.

Yes – please contact Dr. Zuowei Su directly for any questions relating to IHC antibodies and work ups.

Yes – please let us know your samples will need extraction so we can coordinate with Dr. Xufeng Chen, who provides this service.

Yes – please let us know which slides need to be imaged and we will do so after staining. Alternatively, slides stained prior may also be sent for imaging only.